Since 1987

Katie Loxton

Celebrate all the moments that mean a lot to you with the perfect 'a little' bracelets. Beautiful silver plated jewelry, filled with sentiment, make the perfect gift for any occasion! *Styles may vary in our showroom.



2020_0810_1231_A_Little_Bracelet_Stack_4_WEB 2020_0810_1231_She_Believed_She_Could_So_She_Did_WEB 2020_0810_1231_A_Little_Bracelet_Stack_5_WEB
2020_0810_1231_Be_Happy_Be_Bright_Be_You_WEB 2020_0810_1231_A_Little_Bracelet_Stack_3_WEB 2020_0810_1231_Start_Where_You_Are_Use_What_You_Have_Do_What_You_Can_WEB


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