Since 1987

Lizzy James

In 2011, a California artist showed the world what she's made of. During breast cancer treatment, Lizzy channeled her energy and talent into creating unique artisan jewelry, including the original wrap bracelet. Lizzy's journey inspired her to design a collection of stylish, versatile pieces that celebrate the strength and resiliency in all of us. *Styles and colors may vary in our showroom.


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Care And Cleaning

Please do not wear your bracelets in water.
Please remove your Lizzy James jewelry before bathing, swimming, hot yoga class, exercise etc.. and as much as you may love them, please don't shower with them!
Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions or hair products.
Do not polish goldplate or silverplate, and do not use any jewelry cleaner, as this will accelerate the wearing away of the anti-tarnish coating and the plating.
As for the metal, the silver plate crescents will not tarnish or turn black, but they will patina over time.
Sterling silver tarnishes - especially when exposed to salt air or products containing sulfur. Use a silver cloth to polish. When you are not wearing it, put it in a pouch.
Lizzy James is not responsible for the maintenance of your jewelry.

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