Since 1987
It all started with a girls night out one that contained more than the usual laughter and fun. Browsing for the first time through a Martini menu, Lolita was inspired by the recipes. After being served a Cosmopolitan, her creative imagination made her see the glass differently - the way she thought it should be - a bit more dressed up with a pattern, with flair and a fabulous recipe on the bottom. It would become the first of many times Lolita would find a colorful vision dancing in a glass.


After seeing each of her friends pick a different martini, reflective of their distinct personalities, the foundation for a product line was created. She knew this was something she had to pursue and she whole-heartedly did. The concept was developed in 2001 and after sketching, planning and nurturing the line, the "Love My Martini" collection blossomed in 2004 to soon become the hottest gift brand in America today.


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